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We are scoping for partnerships, so if you have an innovative proposal, ongoing project and you think our contribution would be strategically valuable, contact Andra-Lucia or Catalina or both.

If you are an academic researcher, student or policy-expert and you seek an inter-disciplinary, data-driven edge, our door is always open. For graduate students we will soon open an internship scheme so please watch this space. If you are as impatient as we are, do send us a resume and cover letter. We are thorough so please, before sending anything, read what we do and think about your potential contribution. New ideas are always welcome. We are committed to the idea of mentorship and exchange, so TDI will provide a space for personal and professional growth.

Contact us if you are an NGO, diaspora association, group, or just on your own. We provide strategic insights based on our mapping approach and there is much to discuss.

If you represent institutions or international organisations, our knowledge repository may prove insightful. We look to diversify our institutional partnerships and render our contributions as relevant as possible for policy & decision-making.

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