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Modus Operandi

What we research we also seek to apply. Explore our areas of interest and how we collaborate with academia, institutions, and civil society partners in implementing long-term projects. Each initiative is based on a unique approach, with diverse partnerships. Explore how we developed the concepts, our collaborative work and all the planning that went into it. As an integrated network that fuses research with policy & civil society, we constantly strive to contribute, so we seek like-minded partners to implement research, policy, and civic agendas.

With academia, research centres (think-tanks) & institutes.

With institutions (at national levels) & international organisations.

With civil society & diaspora organisations.

All our resources are publicly available, and can be consulted separately, for each initiative and collaborative context. We wanted to record every stage of our work, so some of the documents show how we planned and coordinated meetings or events (invitations, agendas etc.) together with our civic partners, the output (summaries, briefings, notes, pamphlets, petitions, formal letters etc.), as well as the outcome (final reports, policy, and analytical papers etc.). This trove of documents is intended as a resource:

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

> For migration / diaspora researchers it may prove useful if pursuing a qualitative analysis of diaspora cooperation and impact.

> For other diaspora organisations and civic groups these documents may inspire long-term civic action, collaborative work (pooling of resources, for instance), and an institutional approach.

> For institutions, and public administrations, these resources may provide a framework for more effective engagement with the diaspora and civil society at large.


We developed an innovative way of understanding diasporas, testing the network algorithm for the first time in2019. As ambitious as it may seem, our aim is to map Romanian communities globally, in each country of residence. More than that, our research goes beyond and can be successfully applied to understanding other diasporas. Explore our mapping initiatives so far, how we launched and implemented the projects, with whom we collaborated and why. More in the RESEARCH section.


We believe in democratic accountability, in civic checks and balances, and an open society through deeper engagement of various stakeholders. Our initiatives are aimed towards policy-change. Explore the project, with its outcomes, impact, resources and partnerships to better grasp how we developed the concept, the logistics behind it, and other practicalities.


We develop initiatives with a transnational impact. One of the issues we explored was diaspora mobilisation during the Covid-19 global pandemic. So far, we liaised with institutions and civil society to brainstorm a more effective response mechanism to the ensuing crisis. Follow this space as we continue to add and update on our initiatives.

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