[ About the Website ]

There has been tremendous effort that went into developing The Diaspora Initiative website, and essentially structuring all our work in a seamless, interactive architecture. We are grateful to Razvan Oprea (also living and working abroad) for imparting and implementing our vision. He is the digital architect of our project, a project that took roots in the diaspora and is intended for the diaspora.

The website is in permanent construction as we continue to map diasporas across countries of residence, to develop, calibrate and improve our methods and unique datasets.

Our Research section contains all our interactive networks so far, as well as descriptive statistics about the demography and associative patterns of Romanians abroad. To render the networks interactive, we used and calibrated a plug-in tool developed by the Institute for Internet Policy, University of Oxford. A separate sub-section analyses the funding of diaspora projects (by the Department for Romanians Abroad), data painstakingly gathered over the years and assembled in an accessible way, which enabled us to assess the feasibility, transparency, and impact of funding.

The Initiatives section describes our Modus Operandi and areas of interest. Each initiative forms a sub-section, with a comprehensive description of the project, partnerships, impact, resources and output. Our intention was to document the journey and make it accessible.

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